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Where Are You Growing?


The vernal equinox, and spring! Green leaf buds already appear on the stems of lilac and forsythia, and rumor has it . . . at least one shy, blue snow glory has been seen.

You yourself are also awakening and transforming. You may not think so now, but in a year or two it will be obvious--to you and to everyone--that you aren’t the same person you were, even as recently as last fall.

How can you begin to be aware of where you are growing--or being given a chance to grow?

The world is full of people, things, and experiences; yet you notice at any given time only some things and not others. It’s the spiritual essence within you that gives particular ideas, people, plants, animals, objects, and situations energy to attract your attention at any given time. There’s a reason for that.

Change occurs from deep within your own consciousness--through your dreams at night, through your encounters with other people, even through your perceptions of plants, animals, places, and situations, and through your thoughts and feelings about all these things It’s up to you to see connections, to ponder within your own heart, and to dialogue with the spiritual essence within you about what meaning and inspiration you think you see and understand.

How do you find yourself this spring?

Where Is your exisiting system of thoughts and beliefs being challenged? Are you being called to undertake a radical change in your habits and routine?

How was your mood today?—and how has it been recently in general?

So far today—this month--what seemingly unimportant or unrelated scraps of things have captured your attention?

What out of the ordinary thoughts or feelings or ideas have you been entertaining?

Be still for a moment, close your eyes, and allow the wisdom within you to communicate.

The message concerns how you are growing, and how you are to grow.

And what conscious part you may have to play in that.

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