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Sensory Awareness in the Now

Most who write these days about being "in the now" have in mind (usually without saying so)

sensory awareness in the now. Just what are the vivid sights, sounds, smells, sensations of touch and taste, or of subtle changes within the body we are actually experiencing at any given moment?

All of that, just that, without "thinking about" any of it—spinning stories about it or attaching some kind of meaning to it.

One of the most eloquent guides to this kind of contemplation and its profound benefits, as well as to how to do it (not as easy as we might think), is Richard Moss, a trained physician who left medical practice several decades ago to become a leading writer and teacher of inner transformation.

Moss is the author of a number of books, a list of which can be found at his website: .

The Brooks Blog will for the next few days will feature quotations from

some of them. What Moss says is true. Find out for yourself:

The sensation of presence is like a subtle current of energy

flowing within and around you. It might feel like a fine

vibration within your very cells or just a sense of stillness

and peacefulness. If you bring your attention to this subtle

sensation, it amplifies.

—Moss, Inside-Out Healing, (2011), 44

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