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Where Does It End?

There may be no end to what there is to be conscious of. There may be no end to becoming more conscious! If you read the last post here and carried out again the experiment in being conscious, you may have thought, "This is too much."

You're right, to be in full bright consciousness of something in many ways at once may not even be possible. You may feel you're not interested in all the possible ways either. And you may be thinking, some ways of being conscious that were suggested in the questions would have required you to "leave the now"--at least in one sense of that phrase.

And yet, each of those questions touched on an important aspect of being fully conscious. You can be conscious of the color and the smell, the weight and the texture of a peach, and of the

the taste of its flesh and juice, and yet be oblivious of all the other human beings who planted and cared for the trees in the orchard it came from, and of those who harvested it, packed it, transported it, unloaded it, and stocked it to make possible the arrival of that peach in your life.

You could take full sensuous pleasure in eating it, and at the same time quite self-centered and selfish, indiffent to those other human beings and feeling no connection to them and no gratitude whatever. Yet the very presence of "your" peach, to you today, is inseparable from all those human beings.

Or in a quite different scenario, you could be living on a diet of fried fast food and sugary drinks, present and fully savoring every swallow "in the now," but at the same time piling on pounds and causing more than one kind of damage to your very own body without even knowing it. Could you be doing that and be considered fully conscious?

So are being conscious and being present in the now not the same thing? Do we have to

choose between them, or what?

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