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An Experiment in Being Conscious

June 20, 2014


A rose is a rose is a rose—Gertrude Stein


“Be conscious,” “be present,” "Be in the now" are imperatives we hear a lot in contemporary spirituality.  Do we know how to do that?  Do we know what to be conscious of?


Try a simple experiment. Take something from the refrigerator. Sit down with it, contemplate            it for a moment or two, and then eat it. Be conscious and present as you do all these things. (Afterwards, jot down a few notes about your experience.)


Such an experience—contemplating, being conscious, being “present” with an “ordinary” thing during every part a “run of the mill” activity—can be profound and rich.


More about this in our next blog entry.

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Where Are You Growing?

March 18, 2015

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