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Brooks Center for Spirituality (BCS) aims to encourage and serve everyone who is seeking a direct connection with the sacred, and  with, therefore, an ever-fresh inner source of deep meaning, renewal, and inspiration. To fulfill this aim, we offer a core of affordable classes in various forms of meditation, in spiritual psychology, in an ever-evolving array of contemplative practices, in affirmative prayer, in heightened awareness of movement and sensory experience.  People who are engaged in consistent spiritual work need time, energy, and attention available for that work. For that reason as well as to serve the cause of peace in the world, Brooks also offers classes in the understanding and expression of the emotions, in deep listening, and in advanced skills for communication in every kind of situation, including difficult ones.


Courses: Courses have various durations and costs


Book Groups


Spiritual Psychology I

Spiritual Psychology II


Affirmative Prayer

Sensory Awareness

Conscious Movement

Emotional Fluency

Skillful Communication



Support our Work

To register for a course or to donate by check (drawn in U.S. dolars only), please make check payable to Brooks Center for Spirituality.

Mail to: Brooks Center for Spirituality, 1517 S Dexter Way, Denver CO  80222.

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