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Who We are

OUR TEACHERS AND SPEAKERS are drawn from local  representatives of major faith traditions, from local colleges, and from the ranks of practicing professionals with strong spiritual interests. All are carefully selected, not only for their credentials and training but also for a special quality of consciousness in interacting with students. For more details see the regular postings here and on our Facebook page.


OUR DIRECTOR, Jane Baltzell Kopp, Ph.D. who also regularly teaches Brooks classes, is a lifelong student of spiritual psychology and a practing contemplative who has worked in depth with hundreds of people of all ages and from all walks of life. She is an ordained minister and an authorized teacher of raja yoga and also holds degrees from Brown University and Cambridge University as well as a doctorate.from the University of California at Berkeley.

Jane Baltzell Koop - Brooks Center for Spirituality


We offer a core of affordable classes in:

  • spiritual psychology

  • various forms of meditation

  • contemplative practices

  • affirmative prayer

  • emotional fluency

  • reconciliation of the pairs of opposites

  • communication skills in relationships

  • movement and sensory awareness

  • fiction and non-fiction concerned with religion and spirituality

  • intercultural understanding and appreciation


See our Current and Upcoming Classes  page.



Eventual ordination as ministers and licensing as teachers is available to individuals who develop and qualify. For these kinds of credentialing a special curriculum applies and needs to be followed.

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