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The Rev. Jane Kopp, Spiritual Director of Brooks passed away on March 27th, 2023.  You may read her Obituary here.


WE AIM AT BROOKS to meet your oldest questions about spirituality with answers, and to offer you, not experiences of reading and talking about the sacred, but experiences of the sacred, and of the full richness of being alive. Through Brooks classes, your understanding of yourself, of other people, and of what is deeply meaningful evolves. Over time you move more and more into wise, creative and generous expression in the world.


All Brooks classes and workshops have the aim of putting you in increasing touch with your own inner source of transformative insight, intuition, and heightened experience of life. Rather than forcing the individual student into the mold of a rigid curriculum, we work to provide each individual with the learning experiences that will best develop or supplement that student’s existing spiritual strengths.



Brooks is a not-for-profit organization originally founded in Denver in 1898 under the name College of Divine Science, for the study and practice of the powers and principles of consciousness. Divine Science itself was also founded in Denver as a part of the mystic and philosophical stream of the original 19th and early 20th-century New Thought movement in America inspired in part by Eastern religions and philosophies.



More than a century has since passed. The Western world has been further enriched by a steady influx of teachings and teachers from the Jewish, Buddhist, and Islamic contemplative traditions and from Yoga and Vedanta, as well as by a deepening understanding of the Christian mystics. 


The intervening years have also seen a wealth of research and publication in transpersonal, depth, and spiritual psychology, as well as in parapsychology. Brooks classes today are continually refreshed and deepened by insights and practical methods from these wider sources.

Located in Denver within sight and reach of the Rocky Mountains--and yet only minutes away from the Civic Center,  the United States Mint, several fine museums, the Colorado Convention Center, and the Performing Arts complex--Brooks Center for Spirituality provides resources for developing a vital spiritual life even in the very heart of a bustling metropolitan population of nearly 2.8 million. In Brooks classes and groups, people of a number of different faiths and backgrounds come together at a variety of locations around the city and its suburbs (as well as online) to learn from and support one another and to deepen their practice of spirituality.


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